The Growing Value of Emotional Labor in the E-Commerce Workplace
Sathiadev Mahesh

The growing value of emotional labor in a technology-infused e-commerce workplace is described using an extensive review of literature from scholarly journals, trade literature, business oriented books and news reports. Technology can profitably automate the math-logic intensive aspects of the workforce engaged in ecommerce operations. Humans are more capable of providing emotional labor which meets the experience needs of the new economy, and our education system needs to develop the emotional capabilities of the workforce. Much of the focus on job losses from globalization and intelligent technologies such as robotics or IT based automation has been on either enhancing the technical skills of workers or on limitations to global trade. The perceived link between formal education and enhanced earning power needs to be modified to accommodate the growing value of emotional labor. Emotional skills need to be developed since many newly created jobs will involve emotional labor.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmise.v4n1a1