The Survey on E-banking Strategy in Melli Bank & It’s Impact On Bank’s penetration in the Market
Azam Bazooband, Abdolvahab Baghbanian

Using of new technology in economical field is one of the main goals of putting electronic government in the definition of society and community. These changes are put in cultural bases and we are not able to anticipate all probable results before encountering cultures with new technology mostly has been one of the theoretical survey and practical difficulties in governing of societies. The rate of people’s tendency related to E-Banking and its development depends on some economical and social bases. The necessity of a beneficial banking, including global marketing, requires E-Banking not only for a choice, but as an obligation. It is clear that using of E-banking reduces expenses of task banking. The main objective of this paper is to conduct a descriptive research of correlation type on the impact of e-banking strategy on Melli bank’s penetration in the market, in Shiraz, Iran. Statistical data in this survey includes some active costumers of Melli bank branches in Shiraz, that have access to 85 branches under control of the department of branches in Fars province, with distributing some questionnaire the influence of E-Banking such as: SATNA, SAHAB, SMS and SABA on marketing was measured that only SMS bank has effect on Melli bank penetration in the market.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmise.v3n1_2a1